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Newly proposed bill would make home delivery of beer legal in Utah

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Hat tip to the St George News publication for this one – an intriguing little bit of news that almost passed me by – delivery of beer to your doorstep might become a thing once again in Utah. That’s the idea floated by H.B. 100 anyway, a bill sponsored by representative Joel Briscoe. The bill proposes allowing “an off-premise beer retailer to make off-premise beer deliveries under certain circumstances.

Specifically therein, some of the caveats the bill suggests applying in providing delivery are as follows:

  • The order not exceed the lesser of four cases or 1,152 ounces of beer
  • Staff involved in the order be at least 21 years old
  • That the seller verifies that the name on the proof of age of the individual to whom the staff delivers the beer matches the name of the individual who ordered the beer
  • The delivery must be to a physical address
  • Delivery only occurs during the hours 10.00 a.m. through 11.50 p.m.

All reasonable and sensible you might ponder. We’ve been here before mind you. Back in 2020 Briscoe proposed a similar bill in partnership with Derek Kitchen. Sadly that one went nowhere, despite coming as it did in the middle of a rampaging pandemic; as good as any reason to allow for responsible and well regulated alcohol delivery.

I’ll keep every finger and toe crossed of course. I suggest you doo too. You might recall a few years back, a short period where a lack of clarity in the law, allowed retailers to deliver beer to the door. Magical, golden days indeed.

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