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Eat Here Now – Villagio Pizzeria

Villagio Pizzeria - PIzza Bianca

I’d be a mad man to suggest Villagio Pizzeria is the best pizza you can find in Utah. An absolute lunatic intent on cementing his own speedy demise. Pizza is of course up there with religion, politics and burgers in the world of hot-button issues. So no, I’m not going there, I’ll dangle the proposition tantalizingly before you, but I’m not actually saying that, got it?

What I will say is that I’ve been kindly-berated time and time again by an energetically keen bunch of East coasters intent on demanding I pay attention to this South Salt Lake pizzeria. Why? Well as any New Yorker will gleefully tell you, you can’t get real pizza in Utah. Well, until now they tell me.

Villagio Pizzeria owner Ricci Rondinelli hails from The Bronx, and brings with him a range of authentic pies – no word if he has a truck load of NYC water out back to perfect those those crisp and chewy crusts that flex and tear almost like ciabatta.

The restaurant offers dine in and carry out as well as promising ‘the fastest lunch in town’, presumably via their grab and go jumbo sized pizza by the slices from as little as three bucks. Pictured is the pizza Bianca aka white pizza ($19.50 for the small 14″) – mozzarella, garlic, olive oil, ricotta, red pepper, pecorino, basil and balsamic. Check out the full menu here.

3144 S State St suite 1, South Salt Lake, UT 84115
(801) 410-4355

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