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Openings, closures and coming soon – restaurant updates

As promised in the last gargantuan roundup of everything new and notable, I’m making strides to recap all the upto the minute restaurant openings at a brisker pace. I’ll still collate everything into tediously long quarterly recaps for those who love to suffer through such marathons of self indulgent writing, but for the rest of you, here’s a short and snappier bite of what’s new and next.

Recent openings

Akita Ramen And Boba – While the gold rush for ramen riches is slowing down, noodle shops are still opening at a gentle pace. This one has recently sneaked into the Cache Valley Mall, with prices running $11-$12ish for a bowl of the good stuff.

BLOX Dessert Bars – American Fork is home to this new dessert shop. The BLOX in question are the geometrical pieces pictured above, consisting of concoctions like the Skippy – a peanut butter blondie blended with steel cut oats, topped with milk chocolate & Reese’s peanut butter cups. Singular BLOX start at $4.50, with a jenga ready 16 pack on offer for $60. Check em out.

Habitat Coffee House – A new coffee shop slash events space in downtown SLC, just next door to Chakra Lounge at 366 S State. As well as a standard range of drinks there’s also a modest food menu with grilled cheese, breakfast sandwiches and avocado toast.

Late Night Ghost Kitchen – Operating out of the University of Utah campus is this virtual only play – squarely focused on late night munchies; moreover ones that go just beyond sweet treats. Available 8 p.m. through midnight the delivery based business offers up dishes like banh mi, Philly cheesesteaks and Mac and cheese. Menu here.

Santos Bar & Grill – The Herald Journal reports on this new opening. The sophomore effort from the same team behind Rose Park’s much lauded Santo Tacos headed North to open this new bar and grill in Logan. You’ll find dishes from the original location as well as specialties like the current en vogue birria tacos or the molcajete platter, featuring grilled foods from “sky, land and sea”.

Tina’s Bakery – Do you need to know more than empanadas, available for a miserly three bucks? Ok, right, you do. These guys are over in Park City, you can find the menu here, and they offer a range of savory pastries with fillings such as Malbec beef and spicy chicken. There’s a slew of other savory tarts and sweet treats too.

SLC Salads – Another delivery only play, and for once, something that isn’t fried, loaded with cheese or tempting you with indulging caloric overload. In fact, that’s kind of the point, which I am guessing by know you picked up on from the name. Operating out of the Com Com Kitchen facility the options for a healthier delivered dinner are myriad; everything from citrus arugula through red beets and crispy quinoa. Find them on DoorDash (we get a referral fee if you make a first time purchase on DD).

In fact – there’s a whole host of virtual businesses popping up – search for the names: Breakfast Beauties, Wavy Baby Subs, Buns, Juicy’s Cheesesteaks, Tornado Crepe, Mel’s Melts, The Meatball Corner, Indian & American Fusion Snob and Uncle Sharkii over there…then have fun working out where each is being served up from.

Spiced Chix – I love the look of this new Roy fried chicken shop. The MO is simple, take classic American comfort foods like fried chicken and hot dogs – then give em a lashing of Indian spice and flavor.

Wu Kong BBQ – New to the South Salt Lake Chinatown area, this new Chinese BBQ place. Chicken hearts, lamb ribs, pork belly – all the good stuff is here.


Before we move onto what’s next, a moment of quiet pause. As things open, so they close. One Park City stalwart recently announced their closure.

Adolph’s – Writing on Facebook this week the European mainstay of Park City called it quits writing, “After 45 years of serving Park City visitors, ski racers, locals, sports hero’s, and the movie stars Adolph’s Restaurant is Closing its doors in April. We appreciate all of the support and memories we shared over the years. Adolph Imboden would love to keep in touch to let you know his plans for the future and his possible offerings of private parties this winter. “

Coming soon

It’s all chain news here folks. I expect we will see more of this as post-pandemic distressed real estate offers up all sorts of expansion potential for the big guys.

Famous Dave’s – Utah (2435 S State) will be one of two locations for the BBQ chains new drive thru model. The “Quick ‘Que” concept is also being tested in Vegas and aims to bring the brand’s barbecue to customers at socially-distanced light speed.

Killer Burger – Utah Business reported on this one, coming our way soon out of the Pacific Northwest.

Raising Cane’s – June 8th is the official date set for the grand opening of the Louisiana based chicken finger chain here in Utah. The franchise lands in South Jordan at 11400 S. Bangerter – expect major lines (report on Fox13).

Via 313 – A kindly reader of the site sent me this one – a brand looking to expand from its home of Austin, TX to several places including SLC. Detroit pizza, is it the next ramen?

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