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Insider Interview: Mary Runolfson

rico catering wedding setup

As part of my recent tour of the catering facility at Rico Brand I got to spend time talking with catering director and events coordinator, Mary Runolfson. Carrying on from that article I got to quiz her over a few more specific details on Rico’s catering options:

1) How long have you been catering director for Rico Brand? What brought you to the company, what’s your background?

I started here in April. Prior to Rico, I was Catering Manager at La Caille for 10 years. It’s been fun shifting my brain from one extreme to the other.

2) I know that Rico Brand can cater the whole spectrum from simple office lunches, to grand weddings. Are there any particular events that stand out in your mind?

I think we’re a fabulous place for rehearsal dinners. On the eve of a wedding, you need someplace funky and fun to break the wedding jitters. I did a rehearsal dinner here last weekend for a group from back east. They’d never been anywhere like the Bodega, and they had a blast.

rico catering wedding food3) And what about the cuisine, any extra special items you’ve seen in your time at Rico, or favorites you might have?

Never before in my catering career have I had an item so well received as the Mole Negro Meatballs. People are so apprehensive at first (Mole can seem so exotic), but once people try one, they eat them by the fistful.

4) I’m now obsessed with the idea of having my own taco cart at my next party, since I spied it in your warehouse. Can you give us some more details on how that works in terms of setup, selection etc. It sounds like a great addition for summer parties.

You’re not alone! Street food vending is so hot right now. And what could be better than a taco cart rolling up to your backyard? As long as the cart isn’t at one of the two Farmer’s Markets we participate in (downtown and Park City), it’s an easy addition to any party. Give me a call and I’ll hook you up.

rico catering wedding decorations5) Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Mexican food isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind for weddings, but we sure have a great, affordable, and incredibly tasty product. Rico is versatile and always a hit. (pictures from a recent wedding at the Rico warehouse space)

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