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Review round-up June 2011

Featured Review: This months review comes from the ‘Foodie from scratch’ blog. I only just came across the website, thanks to an email from Mike, the main man there. The review in question is for Pho Tay Ho and ticks all the boxes in my book for a great review: bags of detail, intelligent/thoughtful writing and great pictures too.

It’s always great to see more local bloggers writing about the dining scene here in SLC – if you’re reading this and I’ve missed you from the round-up, please let me know just like Mike did, so I can follow your site and spread the word!

Other reviews:

Koko Kitchen (Eating SLC)

Pupuseria El Salvador (Grub Grade)

Taco Taco (Eating SLC)

Pipa (Nosh Maven)

Salt City Burger Co. (Eating Salt Lake)

Silver (SL Tribune)

Communal (SL Magazine)

Copper Onion (Foodie From Scratch)

Edo Kitchen (Eating Salt Lake)

Dojo (SL Tribune)

Legends Pub And Grill (In Utah)

9th South Delicatessen (City Weekly)

Eatery 1025 (In Utah)

Cucina Vanina (City Weekly)

Fin & Norah’s (In Utah)

Saffron Valley (City Weekly)

Red Butte Cafe (In Utah)

9th South Delicatessen (SL Tribune)

Michelangelo Ristorante (Eating SLC)

House Of Tibet (In Utah)

Aristo’s (Eating SLC)

Hibachi House (In Utah)

O’ Falafel (City Weekly)

Inferno Cantina (In Utah)

Guzzi’s (In Utah)

Blue Iguana (Eating SLC)

Philly’s (In Utah)

Caffe Niche (City Weekly)

Chow Truck (Eating Salt Lake)

Nuch’s Pizzeria & Restaurant (In Utah)

Fin & Norah’s (SL Tribune)

Ruth’s Diner (Eating SLC)

Hapa Taqueria (In Utah)

Venezolano Restaurante Andinitas (Eating SLC)

Bee Mexican Restaurant (In Utah)

Tortillas De Mano (Eating SLC)

Chanon Thai (In Utah)

Firehouse BBQ (SLC Eats)

Reefs Restaurant (Vintage Mixer)

La Estacion del Taco (Eating SLC)

The Farm (SL Tribune)

Mekong Cafe (Eating SLC)

Saffron Valley (SL Tribune)

Vuz Restaurant (City Weekly)

Saffron Valley (SLC Eats)

Pho Restaurants (City Weekly)

Z’Tejas (In Utah)

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