Restaurant review round-up 03/24/10

Over 35 more restaurant reviews for the Salt Lake City area: Arella Pizzeria (Gastronomicide), Chow Truck (Gastronomicide), Pazzo Vita (The Chin Wag), The Paris (Salt City Girl), Caputo’s By Night (Foodie SL, UT), Vertical Diner (SLC Examiner), The Copper Onion (City Weekly), Aroma Fine Indian Cuisine (Tribune), Chadder’s (Deseret), Pago (In Utah This Week), Taste Of Red Iguana (In Utah This Week), Back East Cheesesteaks (SLC Examiner), Michelangelo Ristorante (SLC Examiner), Settebello (SLC Examiner), Eva (Goldteef), Beer Hive (Vintage Mixer), ACME Burger Co (WWJD), Red Iguana 2 (Tribune), Red Rooster Waffle Company (Deseret), Talisker on Main (City Weekly), Red Maple (SLC EXaminer), La Caille Noodle House (In Utah), Mi Ranchito Grill 2 (In Utah), Brunch special: Piper Down, Fiddler’s Elbow, Poplar Street Pub, Gracies, Red Rock Brewing Company, Squatters (In Utah), Caputo’s By Night (SL Magazine), Emmet’s and Ethel’s (The Chin Wag), Michelangelo’s Ristorante (Vintage Mixer), Lookout Cabin (City Weekly), Red Ginger Bistro (SLC Examiner), Chicken Express (SLC Examiner), Cucina Deli (In Utah), Chow Truck (In Utah), Thai Garden and Noodle House (Tribune).

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  1. Stu, The first review you have posted by Gastronomicide as Settebello is actually a review for Arella Pizzeria in Bountiful.

  2. Ooops now updated, nice spot! I always open each link and check the review before posting, but that one caught me out, starting with ‘sette who’ 🙂


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