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Restaurant review round-up 01/06/09

Welcome to 2009! I hope your holidays were as relaxing and fun as ours were. The site has been on hiatus for the last two weeks, but now we are back in action. Without further ado, back to the round up of reviews in other SLC publications.

Little World Chinese
1356 S. State St., Salt Lake City
(801) 467-5213

Review: Salt Lake Tribune review

Vanessa Chang is the latest to give kudos to Little World Chinese on State Street. I don’t think there is much I can add to what has already been said about this popular eat in and drive through.

2340 E. Murray-Holladay Road (4670 South), Holladay
(801) 272-1061

Review: Salt Lake Tribune Review

Lesli J. Neilson heads out to Holladay and Gepetto’s. Pizza and basic Italian fare is the cuisine on offer, and Lesli seems content enough with her experience. Personally, our own meal at Gepetto’s many moons ago one of the more bizarre dining experiences I have had in SLC. Servers who openly swore at us, beer with various foodstuffs floating in it, mediocre grub and being seated “in the vault” were just some of the highlights to the meal. Suffice to say we never went back. That said, the place was hopping and still seems to be, they must be pleasing someone.

Lone Star Taqueria
2265 Fort Union Blvd., Cottonwood Heights, Utah
(801) 944-2300

Review: Salt Lake Tribune review

Vanessa Chang also checks up on the Food Network featured Lone Star Tacqueria. Another popular SLC eatery, which Vanessa is very enthusiastic about, rightly so too. Oddly enough we only managed to check the place out this weekend. Taking advantage of their (super busy) drive through on a lazy night, I now wish we had tried them earlier. We both tried out one of their burritos and became instantly hooked. Such was their size I even had to weigh them when we got back, 2lbs a piece!

890 Main, Park City, Utah
(435) 658-3975
Review: City Weekly review

Ted Scheffler compares and contrasts a meal at the local Mustang restaurant in Park City, with Eric Riperts new eatery in Philadelphia.

Wild Grape Bistro
481 E. South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah
(801) 746-5565

Review: City Weekly review
GSLC review: Wild Grape Bistro review

Following on from our last review, Ted also reviews the new Wild Grape Bistro. Along with many others Ted raves about this stylish new addition to the SLC dining scene. An intriguing menu, great service, ambitious opening times and a healthy wine list all add up to something interesting for the downtown area.

209 W. 200 South, Salt Lake City, Utah, (801) 322-2224
715 E. 12300 South, Draper, Utah

Review: Deseret Morning News review

The first of Stacey Kratz’s reviews is for the long standing Ginza restaurant. Stacey enjoys a first rate lunch there. My guess is that if your a sushi aficionado, you already have your personal favourite, and a suitably strong feeling about it too!

Tacos Nacos
33 E. 11400 South, Sandy, Utah
(801) 495-0155

Review: Deseret Morning News review

Next up from Stacey is Tacos Nacos of Sandy. The restaurant seems to be the typical burrito/taco/tamale eatery with ubiquitous heaps of rice and beans on the side. On a plus note, Stacey does note they focus on fresh ingredients.

Wild Grape Bistro
481 E. South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah
(801) 746-5565

Review: In Utah This Week Review

Wild Grape Bistro is also given much fanfare by In Utah This Week. Their review two weeks ago gives yet another big thumbs up from Kelly Ashkettle. I’m not sure I have read a bad word about the place yet.

The Other Place Restaurant
469 E. 300 South in Salt Lake City
Phone: 801-521-6567

The latest review from In Utah This Week is William Hampton’s coverage of The Other Place Restaurant. More specifically their breakfast service. I have often heard that this basic diner offers up some great Greek food. What I hadn’t considered was the fact that breakfast could involve one of my all time favourite foods, gyro meat. Gyro Omelet anyone?

Big City Soup
235 S 400 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 333-7687

Review: Salt City Food review

The Salt City blog investigates Big City soup for a hearty lunch on a budget. Krista waxes lyrical over the joys of her chicken curry soup on her latest visit.

1394 S West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(801) 485-2055

Review: Salt Lake Magazine review

I don’t often cover stories in Salt Lake Magazine, their on-line content is diluted at best. In this case I will make an exception though. Meditrina is a new tapas and wine bar in town, and is worth your business. Indeed, it will be the focus of our own review later this week.

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2 thoughts on “Restaurant review round-up 01/06/09”

  1. I’ve got to disagree with your assumptions about Tacos Nacos. Until they opened, Lonestar Taqueria was by far my favorite taqueria in Utah, but Nacos has got it beat. Whatever that reviewer described, she’s probably a bit off. They have an authentic, delicious menu and great prices–try it out.

  2. Thanks for the tip-off Gary, I stand corrected on my assumptions. The next time I am out in that area, I will be sure to check them out.

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