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Weekly round-up 03/28/08


First up this week, Stacey Kratz review Maccool’s in the Deseret Morning News. Stacey finds Maccool’s just as me and Wendi do. It’s great affordable comfort food, especially so on colder nights. The staff are always friendly and fast, and the food is usually spot on. Stacey also tries one of my favourite Maccool dishes, the beautifully tender lamb shank.

It’s been very interesting to see Maccool’s expanding over the past few years, I believe they now have three locations. I wish them the best of luck as we have had nothing but pleasant experiences. It remains to be seen if they can maintain their standards, as their empire grows.

Maccool’s Salt Lake City: 1400 Foothill Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84108

salt lake tribune

Vannessa Chang of the Salt Lake Tribune reviews Five Star Cuisine. Vanessa starts by telling us how great the place is before going on to say “I’d heard from some that Five Star has steadily been going down since its opening”. If Vanessa was trying to impart that Five Star is worth a visit, she certainly didn’t have me champing at the bit to go, with those ending remarks.

As for Chinese food, does anyone have any tips for *really* great Chinese in the valley? Back in my home city of Manchester in the UK, I lived on the edge of China town. The sheer breadth of selection and quality was amazing, I miss great Chinese food. To date I haven’t found anything remotely comparable in Utah.

Five Star Cuisine: 3361 S Redwood Rd, Salt Lake City, UT

city weekly

The round up finishes with Fin. Ted Scheffler of the City Weekly heads up to Park City to this newly opened eatery, in the Sky Lodge.

After some initial confusion with the reservation, Ted mostly enjoyed his meal. His only main criticism was the Bouillabaisse, seems as though Ted like his Bouillabaisse as much as I do my fried rice. Commenter’s on the City Weekly website also chime in, agreeing that Fin is serving up some tasty food. Their menu on-line looks quite appetizing, I may well have to give it a whirl in the summer when the ski crowds have died down.

Fin: 201 Heber Avenue, Park City, UT 84060

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