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Weekly round-up 02/22/08

city weekly

Ted Scheffler of the City Weekly talks about Yurt dining. I’d never heard of a Yurt before so Ted’s explanation was useful:

“In case you’ve never encountered one, a yurt is a traditional Mongolian dwelling: a dome-shaped, wood-framed structure with a cover made from canvas, felt from sheep or even leopard skins for monarchs of years past.”

Apparently you reach the things via snowcat-pulled sleigh or on skis. I’m not entirely sure the idea of trekking across snow capped mountains to experience fine dining is my idea of fun. I like my creature comforts at restaurants such as valet parking too much. I guess this appeals to some crazy outdoor types, but really $100-$175 a head! Jeez!

Deseret Morning News

This morning in the Deseret Morning News Stacey Kratz gives Citta Gelato & Cafe a whirl. Stacey doesn’t really cover the savory options in much detail. It seems as though the fare is simple and quick Italian such as panini, soup and pasta. What she does focus heavily on is the Gelato, and she seems to approve.

If Gelato is your thing, it looks like a trip to this restaurant is in your future. That is if you can find it, Stacey mentions it’s in Sandy, but elaborates no further.


Settebello gets the Salt Lake Chow Hounds treatment this week. Settebello seems to be a *very* popular restaurant, I have yet to read a bad word about the place.

I would love to try the place but…there’s only one thing I cannot eat in this world, and that’s cheese. This is quite annoying for a foodie given the proliferation of cheese in all things dining. Oh the times I have tried to eat cheese, and failed miserably *sigh*. Settebello looks like a smash hit amongst SLC pizza lovers, just beware of the worlds worst parking, known to me and you as down town Salt Lake.

Settebello: 260 S 200 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

shanghai cafe

Shanghai Cafe is the muse for Sense and Memory’s nostalgia this week. A budget Chinese/Vietnamese diner style restaurant, that is mainly vegetarian. The description is certainly mouth watering and other reviews on-line chime in with positive feedback.

As the son of a butcher, it took some convincing from Wendi that vegetarian food could be good. I was converted to the idea several years ago with the introduction to Long Life Vegi house. Another location for great vegetarian Chinese food at wallet friendly prices.

Shanghai Cafe: 145 E 1300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
Long Life Vegi House: 1353 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

salt lake tribune

Finally Vanessa Chang takes a trip to Thai Orchid and leaves quite happy. That said I’m not sure on the comment about fish sauce as “the obligatory funk from the Thai fish sauce seasoning”. As a huge fan of Thai myself, I actually find the aromas of fish sauce quite pleasant. Indeed, as far as I know decent quality fish sauce shouldn’t be overtly aromatic.

Thai Orchid: 6219 Highland Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84121

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  1. Citta Gelato & Cafe is located in the Smiths/Shopko Strip Mall, located at 2101 East 9400 South, directly North of the Smith’s Gas Station…last place for Gas & Gelato before the Mountain!!!

    Our phone number is 801-790-4135

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