Where to eat in Salt Lake City this week – 30+ ideas

De Los Muertos Mexican Restaurant - chicken mole burrito

I know you’re like me. I know you’re sat there scrolling through your ‘Toks and your ‘Grams and your Yelps (hehe, remember that). A numbing parade of indifference, none inspiring you where to eat tonight. Let me help you fellow indecisive. The following is a recap of the places and plates I’ve found myself at … Read more

Gather around this great new hot pot spot this Winter

Mr Shabu - beef ready for the pot

All you can eat. It’s a phrase that often sends a shudder down my snobbish-spine; quantity almost universally laying waste to quality. There’s always an exception to the rule though and I’m happy to report Mr Shabu, one of The Gateway’s newest restaurants, is just that. Mr Shabu is the work of first time restaurateur … Read more