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foodtrepreneur festival logo

Events: Beer and Brats, Foodtrepreneur, Bambara, Savory Salt Lake

Beer, Blues and Brats - This Sunday, head to the Crossroads Urban Center for the fifth annual Beer, Blues & Brats Benefit Party....
Bambara - Dr. Dillamond's Dram WICKED Cocktail

Events: Pig And Pinot, Wicked Cocktails, Epic

Pig And Pinot Pig, Pinot and... Adam in the Garden. No, not that Adam. The Adam here is Adam Campbell, Winemaker of Elk...
endless tapas tuesdays at meditrina

Meditrina, Cena Ristorante, Bambara

Meditrina Beginning in June, popular small plates eatery Meditrina will begin offering a fabulous 'Endless Tapas Tuesdays' menu. The entire menu of small...