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Spring Fare At Central Ninth

Spring Fare At Central Ninth

The Central Ninth Neighborhood will come alive on Sunday, May 6th from 1-5 pm during the first annual “Spring Fare at Central Ninth,” a...
Meditrina: shrimp with cheddar grits

Events: Current, Stanza, Avenues Proper, Meditrina, Manolis, Central 9th

Current Fish And Oyster This Tuesday, Domaine Riefle Wines provide the feature pours for a five course dinner at this downtown SLC seafood hotspot. The...
bosatch burger h&d bbq

News: New restaurants around SLC – March 2015

Who doesn't love something bright, shiny and new? Grumps, that's who. And I know you guys aren't grumps. So join me in this...