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Massive Korean supermarket set to open first location in Utah

H Mart produce section (H Mart)

While ABC4 was the first major news platform to break the story, a quick shout out to our very own Brandon Luong, who scooped this particular tasty morsel more than three weeks prior. The news then – H Mart are set to launch their first Utah location. The West Jordan site (1442 W 9000 S) has no formal opening date, but ABC quote company sources as aiming for the end of the year. Suffices to say, it’s a reason to get very excited.

If you’re new to the name, the Asian supermarket chain store is extremely well regarded, operating more than 100 stores, mainly in the U.S. Founded forty years ago in NYC, the brand has expanded coast to coast and enjoys legions of loyal followers. The store offers a broad range of Asian foodstuffs, the focus being Korean.

When it comes to the inventory, rather than have me tell you about the kimbap, kimchi and extensive meat and fish selections – let me hand the floor over to inimitable Mike Chen. The following video is a fabulous look around a typical store; if the Utah location is only half as well stocked we’re in for a treat (there’s also some rumors swirling that our location will feature a food court too).

Hit the play button below and enjoy the fun. Trigger warning for my fellow Virgoans: probably don’t look at how Mike organizes his cart…

Image credit, H Mart.

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10 thoughts on “Massive Korean supermarket set to open first location in Utah”

  1. We used to shop at H-mart weekly when we lived in San Diego and it was one of the things we missed a lot when we moved here. So we were very excited to see that H-mart was moving in right down the street from us. Even if you don’t normally eat Korean food, the produce, fish, and meat departments have a fantastic selection. Also, live lobsters!

  2. This is THE BEST news. I just moved to Utah from the East Coast about 9 months ago, and I’ve been missing H Mart like crazy. The kimchi, spicy pickled everything, prepared foods, and the seafood counter! All top notch.

    1. Afraid not Kenny. I’ve been checking in every so often on their news, and just did. I can’t find anything that mentions an update at this time. Their site doesn’t yet include Utah, but fingers crossed!

    1. Afraid not Mark. I have reached out but haven’t had any definitive info. I hae heard they’re presently hiring though.

  3. I’m a local florist and have customers that ordered arrangements to be delivered for their grand opening on Thursday June 6th!

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