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Vincent Van Gogh style people debating food

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You might’ve noticed (you didn’t) I took last year off from our Reader’s Choice Awards. Frankly, don’t you feel the format is getting a little long in the tooth (you do). Category after mind numbing category. Box upon demanding box draining a quickly sapping will to live. Do you really want to cast your vote for best burger spot that opens only on the waxing gibbous (oh, err, you do, mea culpa).

This year I’m revamping the whole damn thing with a fresh approach. Instead of asking for your favorite picks by way of infinite classification – I simply want you to tell me – what were the three best food and/or drink moments you recall from the past year. And that’s it.

I’m interested in the food and drink experiences that have left an indelible impression on you; the ones you happily recount to family and friends. These moments can be from any type of establishment – a high-end restaurant, a bar, a cozy mom-and-pop diner, a fast-food drive-through, heck even a discovery at a farmer’s market.

All you need is an email address (to ensure one entry per person) and 60 spare seconds. Ready? Great, hit this link and lets go…

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  • Please nominate only three food/drink businesses
  • If you provide more we will discard those listed over the first three
  • One entry per person please, any obvious duplicates/ballot stuffing will be disregarded at our whim
  • Entries will close April 15th 2023

Featured image, Midjourney image generation: a group of people debating something very important, seated around a large table, the table has lots of food and wine, the people are discussing what food is the best, painted in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. –ar 3:2 –stylize 250.

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