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Eat Here Now – Feldman’s Deli

Feldman's Deli - sloppy Joe

Not much puts a smile on my jaded jowls these days, but a recent email from Michael Feldman did just that. Short, sweet and to the sublime point, “we’re now back to full capacity. Patio is open, dine in open, 8am-8pm Tues-Sat.”

If you’re one of the increasingly vaccinated and ready to roll – Feldman’s should be atop your list of places to re-explore; honestly if there’s a better way to indulge after a year’s lock down behind furtively flickering curtains, I don’t know what it is.

Pictured above is the sloppy Joe, a monstrously indulgent half pound amalgamation of this, that and then some more. Corned beef, pastrami, 1000 island and coleslaw sit cascade ready between a trio of Jewish rye slices. If you’re like me the sandwich will end up in a variety of places, from shirt to pants to mouth. Don’t wear your Sunday best.

The list of East-coast style sandwiches are as numerous as they are frankly the best in state; seriously, even a seemingly innocuous roast turkey sandwich is a thing of beauty; hint: its actual real turkey and not that micro-plastic rubberized stuff that comes in millimeter thin discs.

These days, it’s worth noting Feldman’s is much more than sandwiches. Now open till 8 p.m. most weeknights, a variety of rotating entrees hit the menu at nights, as does live music at weekends. Heck you will probably even catch Michael Feldman himself on the guitar, aka Deli Man. Google it.

Bonus points: Feldman’s are part of a stellar small cast that have been an ardent supporter of Gastronomic SLC for many years, putting their money where their mouth is and supporting local.

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