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Meanwhile in beverage news this March

Level Crossing Eternal Pursuit

Here’s a quick roundup of everything happening in the local beer, cocktail and wine world right now. All the following are press releases received recently.

Top Shelf Introduces High West Bartenders Box
Top Shelf Introduces High West Bartenders Box

Two distinguished members of the Park City Area Restaurant Association (PCARA) are collaborating to deliver a hyperlocal cocktail experience – right to your door. As the winner of the PCARA Summer Cocktail Contest, High West Distillery has been awarded the opportunity to create three original cocktails to comprise an exclusive High West Bartenders Box from Top Shelf Services beginning Friday, Feb. 19. 

“This is the first year our Cocktail Contest winner will be featured in their very own Top Shelf Bartenders Box,” Park City Area Restaurant Association executive director Ginger Wicks said. “These craft cocktail experiences are becoming incredibly popular with locals, and we’re excited to see – and sip – three brand new creations from the talented High West mixology team.”  

Each Top Shelf Bartenders Box is equipped with fresh ingredients, helpful how-to videos, and include everything patrons need to prepare high-end, quality cocktails at home. Although the boxes do not include alcohol, High West spirits can be purchased at High West General Store in Old Town Park City, High West Distillery on Blue Sky Ranchin Wanship, or state liquor stores. 

The High West Bartenders Box will include fixin’s for the following cocktails: 

Fool’s Gold – Light and refreshing, this cocktail features flavors of lavender and lemon.Best prepared with High West American Prairie Bourbon.

Hold Your Horses – Stirred and strong, this cocktail features bold flavors of five-spice simple syrup and bitters. Best prepared with High West Double Rye!.

Long Rider – A winter warmer, this cocktail features tropical flavors balanced with aromatic bitters. Best prepared with High West American Prairie Bourbon. 

The High West Bartenders Box will be available beginning Friday, Feb. 19, for $59.95, Boxes are available for pickup or delivery to the Wasatch Back and select zip codes in the Wasatch Front. Visit for a list of delivery areas. Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance. Delivery or pick up is available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between the hours and 12-5pm. To view the full High West Bartenders Box and to place an order, visit  

Level Crossing Brewing

Level Crossing Eternal Pursuit
Level Crossing Eternal Pursuit

Award winning Level Crossing Brewing Company is set to release its 2nd beer in its 2021 Red Feather Series on Friday February 26, 2021 at 11AM. Eternal Pursuit is a Belgian Style Dark Strong Ale and measures in at a sturdy 8.8% ABV. This heavenly beer provides a delightful mash bill, Belgian Pilsner, Belgian Pale, Belgian Special B, Flaked Barley, and Chocolate Rye fulfill the need. Rounding out the grain bill, Hallertauer Magnum, Styrian Goldings, and Saaz hop combination complete the kettle. Technical specs:

Style: Belgian Style Dark Strong Ale
ABV: 8.8%
IBU: 24
Color: 33 Deep copper brown
Malt: Belgian Pilsner, Belgian Pale, Belgian Special B, Flaked Barley, Chocolate Rye
Hops: Hallertauer Magnum, Styrian Goldings, Saaz
Other: Belgian Candi Sugar D-180
Glass: Belgian Glass

Tasting notes: Eternal Pursuit is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale with complex malty aromas of black cherry, raisins,plum and dried figs. The low hop bitterness allows the combination of fresh stone fruit, caramel malt and hints of chocolate-covered banana flavors to shine through. This beer has a higher carbonation level by design offering a medium body which finishes dry with residual alcohol warmth lingering in the mouth.

Epic Brewing

Creamsicle IPA

Epic Creamsicle IPA
Epic Creamsicle IPA

Remember the good ol’ days when you used to cool off with creamsicles in the warm summer sun? We did a lot of that all summer long. Day after day of going for milkshakes, tweaking our recipe, and literally tons of melted orange popsicles, finally led us to this beer. At first sip, it tastes just like childhood memories, which is why we contemplated saving it for ourselves. But when it started to melt out of the fermenter, we realized that we couldn’t drink it all on our own and decided to funnel it into 16oz cans and 22oz bombers. Creamsicle IPA is the latest addition to our rotating series of tall boys and it will only be available for a limited time.

“We were sitting on barrels upon barrels of fresh brewed nostalgia when we decided to name it the Creamsicle IPA” said Co-Founder Dave Cole who then added “This is the perfect beer to redeem the summer we lost because of the Coronavirus pandemic.”

We used oranges plucked directly from our very own brown paper lunch sacks and milk from the cartons in vacant lunchrooms to brew this iconoclastic milkshake IPA. Our brewers had one goal in mind: to create a beer that we can all reminisce about childhood summers with. So join us at the cool kids table, where we drink milkshake IPA’s and remember the good ol’ days. Creamsicle IPA will be available at Epic Brewing locations in Utah and Colorado in February.

Can contest

Get yourself featured on a future Epic Brewing Company beer cans (& bottles) across the country. Epic are inviting everyone from novice artists to longtime fans to participate in the contest. The Epic Can Art Contest is open from March 1st to May 31st. Visit to learn more.

Super Epic Lager

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Epic Lager and it’s here to save the day. The latest of Epic Brewing Company’s lagers is intended to be the cold, crispy hero that will satisfy you when you need the most refreshing of beers.  Super Epic Lager isn’t the beer you deserve, it’s the beer you’ve earned.

On top of having superior flavor to the villainous Big Beer brands next to it on the shelf, the best thing about Super Epic lager is that it gets to come home with you in a convenient 12-pack with its pals. Each sip of Super Epic Lager is like biting into a crispy apple, peeling the smudge protector off of your new phone, or closing all the tabs in your browser after a long day of work. Face it, you earned this beer.

We know what you’re thinking, what makes Super Epic Lager so super? Epic’s Lead Brewer, Matt Thompson, says “It’s just a dang lager: no gimmicks.” Matts got a great point. He also mentions several key takeaways about the beer, “It’s not a New England IPA or a pastry stout, it doesn’t flaunt sour or fruit or hops”. The simplicity of this beer is what makes it super.

Josh Patton, Denver Tap Room General Manager, uses an equation to explain why this beer is super. “This is the ultimate halftime beer,” Josh said, “Play a half of your favorite sport, drink one of these, play the next half better. Guaranteed.” Josh can’t wait to crush these during half-times all year long.

Super Epic Lager will start saving the day in Utah in March. Several months later it will be available in 12-packs of 12oz cans. Be a hero by rescuing a 12-pack of Super Epic Lager from a grocery store near you. It will also be available in 22oz bombers at our Salt Lake City bottle shop and Denver tap room.

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