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Events: Pago, Caputo’s Chocolate Festival

caputos third annual chocolate festival

pago local partner logo Pago * – If like many you’re gripped by “Seasonal Pumpkin Fever”, you might want to check out Pago’s annual Pumpkin Tasting Menu that launches tonight – for a run of five nights. Owner Scott Evans explains, “One season ends, another begins. I am reveling in the scattered showers, the leaves stuck to my windshield, and the inevitable decline of our backyard garden (aka Pago Farm). While we already miss Augusts’ peaches, September’s apples are grabbing our attention. Fall squash and heirloom pumpkins replace late summer tomatoes. In tune with the weather my inner outdoorsman adds a couple more trails I need to ride or hike before the snow flies, while at the same time, I start planning my winter backcountry touring schedule.

Apples, season passes, and heirloom pumpkins…they all remind me of traditions. After years of celebrating these changes in earth’s rotation, we at Pago offer you our fourth installment of Pago’s pumpkin tasting menu. The food is ridiculously good and we give you a good 5 days to come by.”

The special menu runs Thursday, October 30th through Monday, November 3rd. The 3-course menus is priced at $35 and is as follows:

* Pumpkin “Tartare” – maple braised parsnips, crème fraiche, pepitas, sage, fall spices

* Heirloom Pumpkin & Potato Risotto – braising greens, pumpkin bark, Pecorino, brown butter

* Spiced Pumpkin Tart – toasted marshmallow, pumpkin caramel, graham crumb, pine nut gelato

878 S 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102
(801) 532-0777

caputos third annual chocolate festival

Caputo’s Market And Deli – Caputo’s 3rd Annual Chocolate Festival will be held on November 13th at 7:15 p.m. at their downtown location. The event features local restauranteurs who will treat guests to sweet, savory and boozy applications of Dick Taylor Chocolate.

“Most brands that experience such an explosion in popularity also experience sharp declines in quality,” says Matt Caputo, CEO at Tony Caputo’s Market & Deli. “Dick Taylor has not only avoided this common tragedy, but is using their growth to purchase better equipment and even better beans. In fact, Dick Taylor’s Camino Verde bar won the top honor at the Utah Chocolate Society’s blind tasting competition earlier this year.” The planned lineup for the evening is as follows:

Chocolate Savory
* Frederick Perez of Del Mar al Lago
* Billy Sotelo of La Caille
* Ryker Brown of Waldorf Astoria

Chocolate Sweets
* Courtney McDowell of Finca
* Alexa Norlin of Fresco

Chocolate Appropriate Pairings
* Francis Fecteau of Libation
* Charming Beard Coffee Bar

* The Rest
* Church & State

Tickets are $30 with the optional alcohol pairing, $15. Tickets can be purchased online at:

314 W 300 S Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 531-8669

* Gastronomic SLC is a proud local partner of Pago.

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