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$50 Mojo Fly Thru Coffee giveaway

mojo coffee menu

We’ve got a great prize for SLC coffee lovers, especially those of you who work in the downtown area. Mojo Fly Thru Coffee have generously given us a great prize to promote their new business – enough free coffee to make starting your working for a couple weeks a breeze!*.

Mojo are a drive through coffee operation located on 435 South and 400 West in downtown SLC – perfectly placed for downtown workers to grab that jolt of energy on their morning commute. And what a selection of delicious choices too! Choose from familiar favorites such as Latte and Americano through a range of hot and cold specialties like the Savior (Caramel Chai Latte); click the image to the left for the full larger menu.

You might recognize the folks behind Mojo, who are the same friendly faces behind the former Caffe Expresso drive through business on 2100 South in Sugarhouse. Mojo’s coffee is roasted by Rimini, another excellent locally owned business, roasting coffee in downtown Salt Lake City, since 1992.

Entering the competition couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is leave a comment below this post and let us know: ‘what makes the perfect start to your day, and gets you firing on all cylinders’. We will pick a winner randomly from the entries in two weeks time (May 29th). * free coffee for two weeks given as $50 in gift cards to Mojo Cofee.

Mojo Fly Thru Coffee
435 S. 400 W. Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
(801) 532-2060

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20 thoughts on “$50 Mojo Fly Thru Coffee giveaway”

  1. well, the perfect start would be sitting on the terrazzo overlooking the piazza in a small town in Italy, but if you’re talking real life (heh), a cuppa good coffee is the way to go!

  2. My day has already begun when I fly thru and grab a grande latte to go! From 7am to 7pm it keeps on my game – ALL DAY LONG!

  3. The only thing that gets me going is my coffee! I cannot function without a good, strong cup of java before heading to work.

  4. Good question, but I need to break it down by day as the same thing every morning doesn’t work.
    Monday – mornings need to start off with a crazy amount of caffeine, a double/triple shot in a smooth tan mocha always hits the spot
    Tuesday – Now you that you have Monday crap behind you, you can venture a little…i recommend a “Tall Boy” Diet Mountain Dew (or regular) (24 oz. can) will do the trick…trust me, if you’ve had Dew in these cans, you won’t go back to fountain or plastic bottles
    Wednesday – Hump Day = Macchiato Day…we’ve all had the caramel, and know the awesomeness that is, but if you come across a Hazelnut or another, give that a try.
    Thursday – Great…one day closer to the weekend, pissed that it isn’t Friday. Have to go with the Dirrrty Chai
    Friday – Eff it, it’s Friday and don’t you feel great?! Finish strong with a Rockstar Recovery Grape/Orange/Lemonade (24 oz) or the Tea/Lemonade Recovery in the 16 oz. cans
    Saturday – One way to launch the weekend right…one word Cappuccino…throw on a little extra cinnamon ’cause you just kicked the week’s @$$
    Sunday…slowly get up, go to fridge, grab the Übermonster you bought the night before, pop the top, sit down on couch, turn on TV and enjoy that “Bio-Activated” energy brew with a clean, crisp, taste sans the alcohol.

    Monday – rinse and repeat

  5. A caramel macchiato, which David starts making as soon as he sees me heading over to their cozy little green kiosk in the morning. 🙂

  6. can they make a short triple dry breve cap? If so, they have my business. Understandable, but his is the worst coffee town I’ve ever lived in! dsw

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