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Taqueria 27 – $50 giveaway

I recently had the great pleasure to dine at the newly opened Taqueria 27, whose menu offers a wealth of creative options. The wonderful folks at T27 kindly gave me a $50 gift certificate which I’m ready to give away to one lucky reader of Gastronomic SLC. First though, a bit more about the restaurant and the menu.

According to owner/chef Todd Gardiner, the general concept of “tacos and tequila” had been a seed in his mind for some time. “This is not your average rice and beans place. I wanted to create a casual place serving amazing food that my family could walk to, and not have to drive downtown for a great meal. It’s the kind of joint you can call home, hang out with your friends after work or drop by for lunch with the kids in tow. Plus we have an outrageous selection of 100 percent agave tequilas for sipping or mixing”.

“Most of the menu is very approachable, but I have added some interesting offerings for the adventurous. Plus, everything on the menu represents terrific value.” Tacos come in orders of two or four in mouthwatering combinations. Handmade T27 corn tortillas come filled with achiote marinated chicken, slow roasted pork, fresh fish, house made turkey chorizo, flame-seared chile-marinated prime beef, assorted wild mushrooms, griddled veggie or a simply outstanding duck confit taco that’s slow cooked and shredded with fire-roasted vegetables, leeks and chipotle añejo syrup.

Those inspired tacos are only part of the story at T27 though. The menu is diverse and imaginative in every corner – from the five different types of guacamole through to fresh salads, mole platters and much more. Hungry yet? Of course you are, which is why you will want to enter our giveaway right away!

To enter the competition all you need to do is leave a comment on this post, using the form below. Let your imagination run wild and let us know your most creative/fun/tastiest taco combination; just don’t blame us if its so delicious you end up seeing it on the menu at T27! We will pick a winner randomly, October Sat 13th. Good luck!

Taqueria 27
1615 South Foothill Drive, Suite G, Salt Lake City, UT 84108
(385) 259-0712


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33 thoughts on “Taqueria 27 – $50 giveaway”

  1. Dessert taco: churro taco with salted caramel sauce and red chili chocolate drizzle. Maybe throw in some strawberries. Yum!

  2. SUSHI: raw tuna + cucumber & avocado salad + fresh lime

    CURRY: curried goat + pickled radish + spicy yogurt sauce

    STEAKHOUSE: grilled ribeye + crumbled blue cheese + red chile steak sauce

    HAWAII: roasted mahi + grilled pineapple + jalapeño salad

    HAWAII 2: roasted mahi + griddled spam + puffed rice

    TEXAS: 26 hour brisket + bbq sauce + grapefruit salad

    MEMPHIS: pulled pork + coleslaw + green chile & vinegar salsa

    WYOMING: roasted elk + fried onions + roasted jalapeño + huckleberry salsa

    SPAIN: clams + mussels + chorizo+ green chile salsa

    LONDON: fried halibut + crispy potato straws + Tabasco aioli

  3. Aside from the fact that T27’s shredded beef short rib tacos with fried onion and gorgonzola were out of this world, what I’d love to see on a local menue is lobster tacos with a mango salsa. Pacific coast lobster works best!

  4. Take a walk on the wild side: shredded deer meat with sauted onions and peppers. Topped with fresh salsa, sour cream, and classic gaucomole.

  5. I love to make Korean tacos—shredded chicken with a spicy barbecue sauce made of hot pepper paste, sesame oil, and soy sauce with pickled cabbage.

  6. Their tacos sound fantastic! I’m crazy about good fish tacos with crunchy radishes but the chorizo and duck tacos will be the first ones I try. Looking forward to having a great new restaurant in the neighborhood!

  7. thinly sliced grilled tofu, grilled onions, oxaca cheese, cilantro, thick corn tortilla, side of sour cream, roasted smokey and spicy salsa on the side

  8. Buffalo Chicken taco? With blue cheese and julienned carrots/celery . You can probably eat anything in taco form and make it taste good!

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