Taqueria27 and Coffee Bar

News of an intriguing new restaurant just hit my desk. The Coffee Bar on Foothill Blvd just opened for business on August 11. Located in Lamplighter Square at 1615 Foothill Blvd, business serves up cocoa, cider, chai, Millcreek Roasters coffee, Italian sodas, juices and features breakfast pastries from Pierre’s Country Bakery. There’s free Wi-Fi too.

Now, while I normally don’t cover coffee and tea spots (unless food is involved), come September, chef and owner Todd Gardiner hopes to open an adjoining eatery: Taqueria27. You might already know chef Gardiner, a stalwart of the SLC dining scene with stints at Aerie, Z’Tejas and Log Haven to name but three. Once the restaurant opens, we will have more news on what sounds like an intriguing concept.

“This is just phase one of our big September opening of Taqueria27 and Coffee Bar,” said chef/owner Todd Gardiner. “When people stop by for coffee, pastry, or Italian soda, they can get a sneak peek at the progress of our adjacent taqueria. We’re so excited to introduce this new concept to Salt Lake. We are completing the build-out and massaging the menus of my unique interpretations of Latin street food with a modern flair, paired with an extensive selection of 100 percent agave tequilas.”

Once adjoining Taqueria27 opens, breakfast entrees will be available in The Coffee Bar in the mornings. For lunch and dinner or after work, diners can sip beverages while waiting for their taqueria table or they can order their taqueria cuisine brought into The Coffee Bar for more casual service. Patrons will be able to enjoy wine, beer, a Bloody Mary or Irish coffee on the western-facing patio overlooking the lights of Salt Lake.

Taqueria27 and Coffee Bar
1615 S Foothill Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84108
(385) 259-0712

Website: www.facebook.com/Taqueria27

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