For many years SLC was practically a three horse town when it came to BBQ. Folks would sagely advise curious BBQ fans to try out Pats, Q4U and Sugarhouse BBQ. Over the last year or so, there has been a a surprising bloom of operators offering up smoked treats. Just some of the ‘recent’ operations include:

Fire House BBQ Grill – I first spied this new outfit when driving by on 21st South, the big red smoking rig out front catching my eye. Their menu features a few twists and turns you might not expect such as garlic rosemary brisket and basil mustard spare ribs.

Yo Mammas BBQ – Owned and operated by father and son team Rick and Justin Bylsma. In addition to the more common BBQ items, Yo Mammas serves up breakfast, burgers and sandwiches too.

Tommy’s BBQ and Grill – Smoked meat fans in Utah County need not feel left out in the cold. Tommy’s serves up all the usual suspects plus offers a set feast for 100 of your closest friends. For just under a thousand bucks you can chow down on – “20 lbs Pulled Pork, 26 Chicken Breasts, 10 Racks of Ribs, 4 Gallons of Smoked Baked Beans, 3 Gallons of sides, 100 buns & sauce“.

R and R BBQ – California natives Rod and Roger form the team behind the catering outfit R and R BBQ. They also happen to be Utah’s top rated BBQ competition team.

Terrapin Station Smokin Co. – Locally owned, and operated on Salt Lake’s East side, offering their own range of in house sauces.

No doubt I’ve missed a few off the list. Immediately springing to mind (albeit not recent openings) are names like Kaiser’s, Dickey’s, Goodwood and Sonny Bryan’s. The question I have for you, esteemed reader, what’s your pick of crop when it comes to smoked meats? Do any of these newcomers have what it takes, or are the stalwarts like Pat’s still the pick of the bunch.

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  1. R&R BBQ is outstanding. Rod & Rodger really know their way around a BBQ pit.
    They need to open up a restaurant here in Utah ASAP!!!

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