Elizabeth Bakery and Tea Shop

I was sad to receive an email regarding the closure of Elizabeth Bakery this week. No longer will I be able to get a “sausage roll” fix, when I’m missing home in the UK. The attached London Market will remain open for business as normal. To quote from the email: “As you all are aware we have tried to keep the bakery open on Fridays and Saturdays and provide a take out service. However staffing issues have been a challenge to us and so Elizabeth and I are sorry to say that we are winding up the bakery business as from now. We apologize to those of you who have visited only to find the bakery closed. The space is now available to anyone interested in using it to create an English bakery or any other kind of food establishment.”.

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4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Bakery and Tea Shop”

  1. So sad!! I discovered crumpets at Elizabeth’s and haven’t been the same since. It was a common meeting place for my husband and I. Thanks for letting us all know.

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