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Restaurant happenings 07/28/09

878 S 900, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102-3608
(801) 532-0777

GSLC: Pago review

Keeping with their goal of offering local, seasonal farm produce, Pago recently announced their updated Summer menu. New to the menu are items like Tuna Ponzu, Crepe Mille-Feuille, Roasted Pheasant and Curried Gnochhi. Tasty looking stuff indeed. And don’t forget, Pago is as hot as the weather right now, make reservations if you head on down there.

The Green Pig Pub
31 East 400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Slated to open in August 2009. The Green Pig Pub brings former Port O’ Call employees together promising “a lively,
thriving place to eat, drink, and meet up with friends old and new”. And it’s not just the former staff, as various items from the old watering hole make the journey too, including the full bar itself. No word yet on the exact menu items, but from the website expect a range of pub fare (burgers, wraps, sandwiches etc).

Beerhive Pub
128 South Main St. Salt Lake City
(801) 364-4268

Source: Utah Beer Blog

Another drinking establishment of note is the new Beerhive Pub. This pub aims to offer an ambitious range of beers, supplementing popular local selections with harder to find national greats. It seems like they have had an issue or two opening, so do call ahead if you plan to go down to sample a brew or two. Let me know if you do too, beer being so very close to my heart!

Red Iguana
736 W North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84116
(801) 322-1489

GSLC: Red Iguana review
Source: Salt Lake Tribune

I’d heard rumours for some weeks now, about the opening of a second location for the massively popular Red Iguana. Whoever I told the story to, seemed to get quite excited. Was this new location going to bring Red Iguana’s “killer” Mexican food closer to their own neighbourhood?

Well, it looks like most people’s dreams have been dashed. The new location at 866 West South Temple, isn’t all that far from the existing location. It would have been really great to see a location further South in the valley, maybe an opportunity missed. Perhaps I am being too harsh. I guess it will mean the wait for a table will be reduced somewhat.

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  1. Green Pig officially opens today, Thursday. Had a soft opening all week. I would really like to see this place succeed, we need more pubs, but they should really work on improving their dishes, most seem to fall short.

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