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Callling on all industry workers, I want you!

In the coming weeks a series of guest writers should be interspersing the regular restaurant reviews. From waiters, chefs, managers through to owners. With stories from behind the scenes and on the front lines. I’m already very excited by a number of people who have agreed to write!

If you work in a restaurant here in Utah get in touch! Whether the piece has an element of self promotion or you’d prefer to remain anonymous, it works for me. Servers dishing the dirt on terrible customers, chefs sharing a secret from the kitchen or owners wanting to talk about their retaurant. Id like to here from anyone and everyone.

I can even help compose the article if you need some help. All you need is something to say! To get in touch leave a comment on this post or email me at

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3 thoughts on “Callling on all industry workers, I want you!”

  1. 20 yr industry veteran with stints in most acclaimed properties and top rated restaurants in Napa Valley. I’m recently relocated to SLC. I’ve also moved on to my next career after accomplishing everything I wanted to do in F&B. I’m a self-aware wine snob that would love to use your venue to share some thoughts on the state of food and wine in the state of Utah. Give me a shout. jt

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