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The best SLC Food Blogs

These days, food blogs are a much rarer thing, than say a decade ago. Mostly these days, people flock to social media with pics and video to detail their restaurant experiences. For a who’s who of local social media foodies, see our Utah foodie influencer list. We still have a small number of Utah based food blogs though, and lets start with the obvious…

We’re far from shrinking violets so first and foremost we’d offer up ourselves as the very best food magazine in Utah – you can subscribe here and get every story as it happens, right to your mailbox. Also read about what makes this website tick here. O.k. enough hard sell, who else is out there?

These are just some of the food bloggers in Salt Lake City we know of. If we’ve overlooked your site (oh noes!) drop an email to and we will happily list your website for free (listed blogs must cover Utah food and beverage in some capacity). Blogs are listed alphabetically and ordered by active and defunct.

Active SLC food blogs

Ya Burned It

YBI is the work of Ashlee and Jason who cover everything from the local restaurant scene to their travels out of town. If you think Jason looks familiar your eyes aren’t deceiving you – yep thats the chap (and brewer) from the Squatters Hop Rising can.

SLC Eats

Ryan writes about the Salt Lake City restaurant landscape regularly.

Salt Plate City

Lala is a keen Instagramm’er, Yelp’er and frequent diner around Utah. Check out her site and thoughts on the SLC dining scene.

Chew And Chat

Blog of Valerie Phillips, cookbook author and former Deseret News food writer.


A blog that looks at the Salt Lake City scene one small verse at a time.

Siftey Reviews

A straight up classic restaurant review blog, trying to find the best eats in Utah.

Redneck Food Rambles

A wide ranging look at various dining options in SLC, from sit down restaurants to food trucks.

SLC Menu

Our sister site listing menus for hundreds and hundreds of SLC restaurants.

Utah Beer Blog

Mikey’s blog about the Utah beer scene, also writes for the City Weekly.

Utah Beer News

Tim’s look at the ever evolving and changing craft beer scene in Utah.

Utah’s Best

From Utah made products, to restaurants, to businesses – who’s the very vest of the best? Who should you be checking out today?

Other independent SLC blogs

Not food related, but if you’re looking for something else, and looking for an indepdant site – check out these other Utah located blogs and online magazines:

Building Salt Lake

Isaac Riddle writes Building Salt Lake which covers the rapidly changing SLC landscape in terms of construction and new builds.

The Daily Frick

This local satire site is reminiscent of The Onion and spoofs a range of Utah culture and tropes.

Megan The Vegan Mom

Vegan lifestyle and dining in SLC.

Morgan Boulevard

A lifestyle blog by Elizabeth Morgan located in SLC, with information about the SLC vegan landscape too.

The Utah Review

An online magazine focused on the Utah art’s scene; everything from dance to film to theatre. Also the focal online blog of the Utah Arts Festival.

Utah Now

Daily news from a variety of Utah sources on a range of topics: education, events, food, drink and more.

To be honest, there’s much less blogging than there used to be. Many these days turn to social media, you can see our listings of the biggest Utah foodies on social media here.

Currently defunct SLC food blogs

Once upon a time they had the blogging bug. The following sites have had no posts in the past 6 months. But still, we’ve got our fingers crossed for you guys, cmon:

Utah Burger

Utah Grape And Grain

Utah Sushi Roll

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