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Grocery delivery in Salt Lake City 2023

Caputos online haul
Caputos online haul

Groceries direct to your door, with non of the fuss or hassle of shopping in store, it’s the future! Utah has a range of options to bring food to the doorstep, from local companies to the big box retails. Lets start with the local companies, the fun stuff!

Local Utah grocery delivery options


With multiple locations around the valley, and their flagship store in downtown SLC, Caputo’s is stocked with a range of great gourmet picks. Oils, vinegars, deli meat and cheese, pasta, sauces and more. Caputo’s also specializes in a range of gourmet chocolate and tinned seafood.

Snider Bros.

Check out the online store of this much loved Holladay butcher. Delivery is a charged at $15-$20 depending on your area, and orders must exceed $50; that’s pretty easy given their array of top notch meats.


This popular local grocery chain offers both delivery and in store pickup. Much like the Walmart service, you can shop online and then choose to drive to the store and have an associate load your groceries – or – have everything delivered. Unlike Walmart, Harmons charges a fee for both of these services. Of the options here Harmons is our pick if you need great meat/fish/fresh bread.

Lee’s Market

Lee’s also offers grocery delivery from a number of its stores in Utah, charging a fee to do so, and within 15 miles of each stores location.

Grocery delivery from the big names

Most of the main players in the grocery space have delivery options these days. Here’s what you need to know on each of them. Read out larger guide on home grocery delivery too.


Instacart delivers groceries from a range of stores in SLC; highlights include Sprouts, Smiths, Natural Grocers and Costco. Instacart can usually deliver within as little as one to two hours if you are in a rush. Instacart can be a lifesaver but the experience really depends the smarts and savvy of the personal shopper you are assigned. Read our full Instacart review.


Shipt is another personal shopper service like Instacart, and delivers from a range of alternate stores. Here in Utah they help provide delivery services from Dan’s, Macey’s and Fresh Market.


Walmart delivers to most homes in Salt Lake City as an extension of their online order and pickup service. While pickup at store (you don’t even have to get out of your car) is free, to have groceries delivered to your home, costs a small fee. Walmart offers some of the keenest grocery prices in Utah and is our pick for sundries and pantry items. While the prices are low, the order accuracy (and product availability in general) varies greatly. Read our review of Walmart pickup services.

Whole Foods

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, same day grocery delivery is free from Whole Foods on orders $35 or more. As you’d expect from the Amazon owned brand, the operation is tech driven and slick. I’ve found Whole Foods experience the absolute best when it comes to accuracy of order. Harmons comes a close second.


Offering delivery to the home, one of the plus points of the Smith’s home grocery delivery service is the flat fee. You can order as little or as much as you like but the price for home delivery is fixed.


The following businesses offer more in the moment options. If you need a quick snack or sweet treat, these businesses will arrive promptly to sate your cravings:

Munchies SLC

For when you get a case of the munchies… This service runs Tuesday through Saturday and requires a $10 minimum order; in turn they’ll bring goodies like cookies, chocolate milk, peanut butter marshmallow treats and more to your home – upto 2 a.m. on some nights!

Goodly Cookies

Goodly offers freshly baked cookies to your door Tue-Saturday, late into the evening. Sometimes as late as 1 a.m. You can read more on this business in our dessert delivered story.

Chip Cookies Co

Another home cookie delivery service. Ordering is done through the website and prices are $10 for a box of four. Delivery times are Monday-Saturdays as late as 2 a.m. at the weekends. The service even offers a tracking tool so you can literally track your treats in real time. You can read more on this business in our dessert delivered story.

A few more options

Check out the following other guides:

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