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Cinnamon twists baked by Kay Clayton
Cinnamon twists baked by Kay Clayton

You’ve most likely heard of Hello Fresh and Blue Apron – the home food delivery companies that deliver everything you need to create a meal at home without having to shop. There is some assembly and cooking required but the convenience of not having to actually plan the meal has become very popular, especially among millennials. Now, across the state, dessert delivery businesses are popping up, offering large warm cookies, cinnamon twists and more. Here are a few I recently sampled.

Slap Up – This company uses their app that provides a menu based upon your zip code that coincides with a list of home-chefs, their offerings and where they are willing to deliver to. The chef picks the days of the week they bake and payments are done through the app. The app is pretty simple to use, you log in with your phone number, receive a quick verification code then add items to your cart. Since all chefs are home based, they operate under the Cottage Food Law which has them comply with state guidelines and requires them to hold a current food handlers permit.

Owner Dave Edwards started Slap Up, a British adjective to describe food that means, “sumptuous, delicious, first-rate”, a “slap-up” treat is one of a kind, special. After seeking out a family favorite treat his grandmother use to make, a pecan log, Edwards was fortunate to find a home chef nearby that made them just like his grandmother, who happened to by a home economics teacher and had shared her recipe with her classes. Edwards is almost certain this particular recipe is hers.

I was able to try the cinnamon twists baked by home baker Kay Clayton. The rolls were not warm upon delivery but they were fresh. They had great flavor and after warming them up for about 15 seconds in the microwave they were even better. The items offered are constantly rotating due to their business model and prices range from $8 to $22 currently and tax and tip is included with no delivery fee.

Cookies in the mail via Cheeky Rascals Cookies
Cookies in the mail via Cheeky Rascals Cookies

Cheeky Rascal Cookies – Located in Davis County, cookie delivery is all the rage right now, and Cheeky Rascal Cookie puts their own spin on it – they stuff theirs. Affectionately named as a play on words (her husband calls their children ‘cheeky little rascals’) owner Christina Noack is a one woman show. Noack is the sole chef and regularly tweaks her recipes adding new flavors and combinations all the time. Currently there are 12 flavors to choose from.

I was sent her Valentine flavors: raspberry truffle shuffle,  stuffed with double chocolate chip, strawberry sugar mama, sugar rolled sugar coolie with strawberries and cream truffle center and salted caramel prima donna, chocolate chip with salted caramel center. All the cookies were soft and had just the right amount of filling. The flavor combinations were great choices but having to wait a day or two for delivery is definitely a deterrent if you had the craving now.

My cookies came via US mail, wrapped with care, not one single cookie was broken. Ordering can be done via phone, text, email or on the website.  Prices range from $16.99 for a half dozen to $26.99 for a full dozen.

Goodly Cookies
Goodly Cookies

Goodly Cookies – Co-founders Clay Rockwood and Brandon Plewe have been best friends since college. As roommates who stayed up late playing video games, they would often suggest how great it would be if a company delivered treats late at night. In 2009, Plewe was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer and was hospitalized most of the year. During which time Plewe considered the idea further with an additional idea of creating a business that would give back to fight cancer if he recovered. Plewe kept that promise and the result is that Goodly Cookies gives a percentage of their profits to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

The two have baked and baked and baked some more before landing on the recipes they now deliver. With added expertise and advice of friends, they have improved the texture, size and taste of their products and moved into Amour Cafe to allow for more baking space; as well as some expert advise from Amour’s award wining pasty chef.

My cookies were delivered at 8:00pm and were warm as if they had just come out of the oven. Chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter, white chocolate raspberry, red velvet and double chocolate walnut were the flavors inside my box. The cookies are large, warm, crispy on the outside and soft in the center. The traditional chocolate chip was my favorite. It was loaded with chips and had the perfect amount of softness.

You can have warm cookies delivered to your door between the hours of 7:00pm and 11:00pm Monday-Thursday and 7:00pm-1:00am on Friday and Saturday evenings. Cookies are $3.50 each and can be ordered through the website or the app.

Chip Cookies
Chip Cookies

Chip Cookies – Started in Provo in 2016 by Sarah Wirthlin and her husband Sean Wilson, along with brothers Stephen and Chris Wirthlin, this cookie business is a family affair that was born after a series of late night pregnancy cravings. Chip cookies delivers every day except Sunday plus has retail outlets in SLC and Provo – also open dix days a week too. Idahoans should note they also have a bakery in Boise too.

They add seasonal cookies to their offerings for added variety but they are best known and will always offer – the original chocolate chip. February’s “chip of the month” was a red velvet with cream cheese frosting that I was able to try. The cookie had good flavor but did not hold up when dipped in the frosting. The chocolate chip was everything you would want in a cookie, crispy outside, gooey center, but not too gooey. They arrived warm to my doorstep in about 20 minutes.

Ordering is done through the website and prices are $10 for a box of four. Delivery times are Monday-Friday Noon-2:00am and Saturdays Noon-12:00am. I really liked the service they use to let you know when your cookies are in route and when they have arrived. You can literally track your treats in real time.

Disclaimer: I was given product in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. 
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