Business administration services for restaurants

The following businesses will help you get to grips with a variety of business administration tasks, everything from creating a new LLC through to filing trademarks for your restaurant brand.

Inc Authority

Inc Authority offer a number of services to help you get your business off the ground. They will In fact they’ll even help you form a new LLC for free! In Authority will prepare and file your entity formation, performa a business check and act as your registered agent for your first year in business, as part of the process. If you use the link above we get a referral fee.

Swift Filings

If you’re starting a new restaurant you’ll need to start by first forming a new legal entity. You might want to create an LLC, S Corp, C Corp or maybe even a non profit deepening on your business model. Swyft Filings can advise you through this process and take care all of the paper work for you.

This service helps you streamline filing your business in any US state. Swyft Filings charges only $49 + state filing fees to incorporate your business. Filing fees vary from state to state. If you use the link above we get a referral fee.

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