rachel hillary

Rachel's word bank stemmed from loud and harmonious roots, the diverse flavors of Miami: Judeo-, Caribbean-, and Latin-notes. Years of academic pursuit in Boston, the Middle-East, and NYC shaped her career until her stomach demanded more attention. She then manifest-ed destiny, and landed in the softer hills, canyons, and farm-to-table options of Colorado; it was out west that Rachel's love for food found a voice and a passion, supporting efforts towards locally sustained businesses. Here in Utah she has found home.
from scratch sign

From Scratch Restaurant Review

I surveyed the neighboring office buildings as the sky began to mask its fading highlights in velvety, Utah spruce blue.  Sharing overeager peeping windows...
spitz restauranty featured image

Spitz Restaurant Review

The LED-toting generation of Utah will adore Spitz. Teeming with electroluminescence, the hybrid bar-restaurant is a locale straight from Miami Vice, GTA, and...