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Sampling SLC: margaritas

Frida Bistro

Sweetness Factor: Perfectly balanced
Size: Good
Price: Good

So far this is the best tasting margarita I’ve tried. The Fresca Rita was perfectly balanced between sweet and acidic, with a nice note of tequila floating around. This drink went down very quickly. If I have a complaint, it was the cocktail vs. beverage thing again. Too much ice, not enough liquid, but wow it tasted great.

Frida Bistro
545 W 700 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 983-6692


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2 thoughts on “Sampling SLC: margaritas”

  1. These margaritas are too big for the amount of alcohol in them. Bigger is not always better. The margarita mix takes over and the tequila is lost in it.I do not know what it is but in Utah everyone always wants a good portion size as opposed to really enjoying actual flavors.

  2. Unfortunately Amanda, due to the amount of alcohol we are allowed to serve, it is near to impossible to correct the problem. Frida’s margaritas are actually 1.5 tequila to 1.5 Lime juice (they don’t use a mix or sugar in them) and .5 triple sec. Weirdly, people also complain that their is too much ice in Utah margaritas (going back to your observation that Utahn’s want bigger portions.

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