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Nuch’s Pizzeria and Restaurant

Dinner and take out review

I recently returned from a trip to New York City, and one of the things I love about that town is that around every corner it seems like there’s a great neighborhood restaurant waiting to be discovered. This, unfortunately, isn’t the case in Salt Lake. Fast food joints abound of course, but restaurants seem to cluster together far away from most neighborhoods for some reason, and so when I noticed a new restaurant had opened fairly close to my house I had to try it.

Nuch’s Pizzeria is located on 2300 East right before the on-ramp to I-80. I’ve now been to Nuch’s four separate times and would have reviewed them before now, but the first time we went I forgot my camera. The second time we ordered takeout and forgot to take pictures because we were starving. Luckily, the third time and forth time I took pictures.

On that third visit we ate in and started with the Bubble Bread ($3.25). We’d had that the first time we were there and were craving it again. This is the perfect example of a simple food being the tastiest food. This delicious, crunchy appetizer is simply pizza dough, brushed with garlic and olive oil. I could probably just have one of these and a salad and be completely happy. But then I’m a bread fanatic. The next appetizer we ordered was Shannon’s Exquisite Zucchini ($5.95). Very yummy, but we thought a bit small for the price.

nuch's-bubble bread


That night I was tempted to try one of their special pastas, Japanese Yam Ravioli with Shrimp Poached in Garlic Olive Oil ($17.95). There were a couple of problems with this right off the bat. First, and I think you can see it in the picture, the ravioli was cold and the little knobs of butter resting on them didn’t melt like I think they were supposed to. The ravioli was very good, just cold. The shrimp on the other hand were cooked perfectly, but were almost flavorless, and still had quite a bit of olive oil. The plate looked beautiful, but the food just didn’t live up to the presentation.


Jason ordered another special, the Crepes Florentine. More like a manicotti with ricotta and spinach in a tomato sauce, his review was something like, “It’s nothing special.”


These two meals are really in sharp contrast to our experience with Nuch’s pizza. As I said we’ve ordered takeout pizza twice and each time we’ve been really happy with the food. This last time I got their Ultimate White 12” pizza (12″ $17.50, 16″ $25.00). The house-made ricotta makes this pizza, and instead of cooking the hell out of the Prosciutto de Parma like lots of other places do, at Nuch’s they tuck it lovingly under a layer of mozzarella so the flavor stays put.

nuch's-ultimate white

Jason ordered the Plain 12” with pepperoni and we both really liked the pepperoni they use. I have to also rave a bit about their pizza crust. It’s full of flavor and satisfyingly crunchy. You can’t really fold it like most New York style pizzas, but it’s a small price to pay.


I do feel compelled to mention a couple of quirky things about Nuch’s here. First, it’s in what I would call a first-generation strip mall and the space is really a bit awkward. On one side of the narrow space the tables are set quite close together, and on the other side the tables and miniscule waiting area are wafted with cold air when the door is opened. Second, is that when you get takeout there you usually have to stand in the aforementioned miniscule waiting area, and trying to sign a credit card receipt while juggling pizza boxes and dodging coming or going patrons is at best humorous.

All that said, these little idiosyncrasies wouldn’t prevent me from eating in or getting take out from Nuch’s again. I do think I’ll stick to the pizza though, oh and the bubble bread. Don’t forget that bubble bread.

Nuch’s Pizzeria and Restaurant
2819 South 2300 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84109
(801) 484-0448


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4 thoughts on “Nuch’s Pizzeria and Restaurant”

  1. Thanks for this great tips! At Fox Rent A Car Blog we are always looking for the inside scoop about dining and lodging options in different cities as well as attractions to inspire travelers in their next trip planning.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. the interior of nuchs is cozy warm romantic and unique with only 5 or six tables. i adore the space and like that you can see the chef. I have eaten there 2 times and it is a great affordable place with some class. no issues with the food here! My great grandparents are Sicilian and I’m from from jersey originally.

  3. thanks for the review of the non-pizza items. I will judge the pizza for myself (since my taste is better than anyone else’s :-)). I am unlikely to try the menu items until I saw your photos and comments. Now I’m intrigued.

    I also appreciate the honesty.

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