Pho King presents – Salt Lake City’s pho-nominal top 25

Midjourney, stylised pho bowl

I love pho more than Kanye West loves Kanye West. On my deep dive pho-rensic investigation, I ate and reviewed over 60 bowls of pho at all 45 pho restaurants in Salt Lake, Utah, and Summit County. You might know me as the Pho King from instagram where I documented this entire process.  Throughout the … Read more

Pho-mula for success: exploring the culinary science behind an exquisite bowl of pho

What I Think Makes Great Pho

When someone declares where you can get “the best” particular dish in town, how do they really know? One day I asked myself this question and before I knew it, I was making daily visits to pho restaurants across three counties. I decided I was going to rank every single pho restaurant in town. How … Read more