Events: Silver Fork Lodge, Aerie, WTF! Wine Theater Food

WTF Wine Theater Food in 2015

Silver Fork Lodge – If the first day back at work has you down, and you feel yourself craving the festive spirit, head up Big Cottonwood Canyon this evening. Renowned wine maker Carol Shelton is in town. Shelton has a storied past, this from the event release info: Carol Shelton is widely cited as the … Read more

Meditrina, Cena Ristorante, Bambara

endless tapas tuesdays at meditrina

Meditrina Beginning in June, popular small plates eatery Meditrina will begin offering a fabulous ‘Endless Tapas Tuesdays’ menu. The entire menu of small plates will be at your disposal for the princely sum of $22 per person. Wait, what, yes, you did read that correctly. Twenty two dollars lets you eat as much of the … Read more