News: Weekend Wines – Adelsheim Vineyards

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Vine Lore * – Cometh the weekend, cometh the wine. Or something like that. If you’re thirsty for some vino-related inspiration this weekend, you’re in luck. Our partners in the wine trade have some great picks for the weekend, courtesy of Adelsheim Vineyards. Established by David and Ginny Adelsheim in 1971 – a different era … Read more

News: Thanksgiving last minute notes

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Vine Lore * – Choosing a wine for your Thanksgiving dinner can be tricky. The many flavors, turkey and stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie make pairing this meal with the perfect wine seem almost impossible. Local experts in the wine biz, Vine Lore, provided us with the following handy guide to picking the right … Read more