Restaurant Coupons

Salt Lake City restaurant coupons

Looking to snag a great deal, discount or dining bargain? If so, you’re in luck. We’re always scouring the web and looking for the best restaurant coupons, deals and specials for Utah. The list below are all the current restaurant coupons and deals we’re aware of. If we’re missing any, just let us know.

Hottest Coupons right now

The following coupons are some of the most interesting / best coupons right now. Disclosure: some links may be affiliate links, eg Groupon,, and we earn a small commission from each sale.

Este Pizza – 40% off the popular Salt Lake pizza restaurant.

Itto Sushi downtown SLC – 38% off via Groupon. Fun sushi spot.

Kaze Sushi – 30% off this brand new Japanese restaurant in downtown SLC.

Maize Tacos – 30% off this downtown SLC taco restaurant on to go orders.

Restaurant deals by day of the week

Many restaurants have recurring deals that roll around once a week, every week. Here are all of the restaurant specials and deals we know about in Utah.


Sushi Groove – $2.50 Tuesday. This Millcreek sushi spot offers all their nigiri (2 pieces) for just $2.50 all Tuesday long. The restaurant has $2.50 deals on drinks too sometimes.


Wing Coop – 3 for 5 thigh days.

Non Utah coupons and codes

None of these are related to Salt Lake City or Utah specifically, but they’re all great companies we’ve worked with in the past, or still do. They all share a foodie link some how. Again we probably earn a small commission on using the links or codes below.

Sitka Salmon Shares – Yes you can get amazing fish in Utah. Use code GSLC and get $25 off at this impeccable Alaskan seafood company. All the fish is sustainably fished from 100% wild stock – that’s actually enshrined in Alaskan state code. By signing up at Sitka you get a monthly seasonal box delivered to your door (its all on dry ice and expertly packed) that’s not only some of the best in the United States – but you’re also helping support local fishermen. I’ve been an affiliate and consumer of Sitka fish for several years now, and can hand on heart say this is some of the very best seafood I’ve tasted anywhere. See this story I wrote about frozen fish as well – it’s perfectly fine.