Sampling SLC: margaritas

Bohemian Brewery
94 East 7200 South (Fort Union Blvd.), Midvale, UT
(801) 566-5474

Website: Bohemian Brewery

Sweetness Factor: Middle of the road.
Size: Good
Price: Spendy

I had such high hopes for this margarita when I saw it. One taste though and, well, I didn’t really want to finish it. I knew I was taking a risk ordering a margarita in a Czech restaurant, but was still hoping for the best. Unfortunately, it had no tequila taste or affect, and the citrus flavor was so pronounced I should have just had limeade. At $8.00, I’d skip the marg there and just have a beer.

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2 thoughts on “Sampling SLC: margaritas”

  1. Just a small correction: The Bohemian is actually a Czech restaurant… 🙂 Totally agree about their beer, though. Very nice!

  2. Thanks for the correction, Todd. I think I was confused by the schnitzel on the menu, since when I was taking German it was one of the things that always appeared on the food lists I was memorizing.

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