Utah commercial kitchen equipment maintenance

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Refrigeration systems need continuous maintenance to prevent costly repairs down the line. We can take care of that for you, making sure that the coolant is still flowing, the fans are clean, and make sure the entire system is running as efficiently as possible for as long as possible. Save yourself from future repairs, and future spoiled food with maintenance today. Maintenance can include Walk-in coolers, Beer/soda coolers, Energy-efficiency, System maintenance, Energy audits.

Hansen Refrigeration

We Service the Following Restaurant Equipment – Walk-In Coolers, Walk-In Freezers, Under the Counter Coolers, Commercial Ice Machine, Reach-In Coolers, Commercial Wine Coolers, Drinking Fountains, Sushi Cases, Beer Coolers, Glycol Systems, Hoods and Ranges, Dishwashers, Catering Equipment, HVAC, Preventative Care.

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