Staffing and HR for Utah restaurants

Looking for help staffing your restaurant, food truck or business in Utah? The following companies can assist you with the complex challenges of hiring and staff management.


Running a restaurant is hard! You know that better than anyone else. Workers call in sick, people quit, big orders catch you by surprise—sometimes you just don’t have enough staff to make things run smoothly.

We can help! We’re Pronto, an on-demand marketplace that connects restaurants with flexible workers to fill single-day shifts. We help fill all kinds of shifts—from line cooks to dishwashers.

Just create a free account, start posting shifts, and we’ll make them available to our vetted, local contract workers. We also facilitate easy compensation and evaluation of workers. Get started here. Contact us:

Leave Me On Hold

Got a hiring problem?  We have developed a program for Restaurants specifically for hiring staff.  We are not a staffing agency but have our roots in marketing.  We suddenly found ourselves in a position where we can do our part to help out in this pandemic problem.     Whether you need a few employees, a team or even a division, our hiring program is proving to be effective and in some cases we have actually saved companies. If you find yourself in this position, give me a call and we will help you solve your problem. 435-655-8844

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Utah restaurant Industry resources 

Looking for a specific Utah restaurant services or product? From fridges and freezers to payroll and POS – this short curated list is here to help.  Go back to our restaurant resources homepage.