Utah Commissary kitchen facilities

Running a mobile food service in Utah? You’re gonna need a commissary kitchen facility, The state of Utah requires mobile food service establishments have a commissary facility as their base of operations to provide fresh water, dumping wastewater, storing leftover and fresh food, dry goods, washing dishes and more. You can read more here. The following are a list of commissary kitchen facilities here in Utah.

Anapurnas Kitchen

For a small monthly fee food truck operators can get everything required by the State of Utah and the Salt Lake County Health Department, including: Clean and Safe Food Cooking Facilities, Clean and Safe Food Preparation Tables, Dish Washing Facilities (3 Compartment Sinks)
Potable Water Supply, Commercial Refrigeration (Cold Storage), Waste Water Disposal (Gray Water Dump), Overnight Parking (30 foot spaces) with Dedicated 30A Power, Storage of Food and Supplies (Dry Storage), Garbage Dumpster Access

ComCom Kitchen

Short for Commercial Commissary Kitchen is also a Ghost Kitchen, a Kitchen incubator and a Tenant Artisan Market. We have a commercial kitchen available to rent on an hourly, weekly, monthly, and annual rates. We are also perfect for a ghost kitchen, as we are just minutes away from downtown Salt Lake City and the Sugarhouse area. We also have a storefront retail space for our tenants to sell goods to the public. Facilities include: 6 Stainless Steel Tables, Walk in Fridge, 3 Commercial Convection Ovens, 4-top range and oven, Double stock burner, Grill, Griddle, Deep Fryer, 3 Wok Burner, 3 three compartment sinks, Dry storage space, Electrical hookups for Food Truck/Trailer, Grey Water dump access, Ghost Kitchen availability.

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