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Wine brokers in Salt Lake City

If you want your menu to really stand out from the crowd, a thoughtful and intelligent selection of wine is one of the smartest choicest you can make. Many restaurants simply go through the motions when it comes to their wine and liquor choices – and it shows. Savvy diners will seek out restaurants with curated wine selections. The following wine brokers are all Utah based and all work with excellent products.

Unless otherwise stated we have no relationship with the businesses listed in this section . The information is presented as reference only. The businesses are not endorsed or specifically recommended by Gastronomic SLC unless stated.

Libation Inc

Gastronomic SLC’s pick: Libation stands out for us. Owner and operator Francis Fecteau is tack-sharp when it comes to working with only the best small wineries and distilleries. The brands he represents here in Utah are always a slam dunk in terms of quality. We can directly recommend Francis’ thoughtful and intelligent approach to boutique wines and spirits!

Libation is a wine and spirits brokerage specializing in program development, industry training and consumer education. We are here to elevate the dialogue. By focusing on assisting our restaurant industry friends in creating the most successful beverage programs possible, through education and exposure to the farmers that bring those wines to fruition, happier palates abound from restaurateur to consumer. People know more of our wineries, winemakers, and distillers on a first name basis than most and we think that’s the way it ought to be. People should know their food, because wine is food right? They should know the farmers that bring it to life. That’s why we’re here. (via website)

Bon Vivant Imports

Bon Vivant’s mission is to bring you wines from Europe that are made with soul, earth-conscious intentions, a minimalistic touch, and so much expressed deliciousness that when you reach for a bottle with our name on it, you already love the wine you’re about to taste. Salud y Amor! Cin-cin! Cheers! (via website)


Bottleneck is a leading Wine & Spirit Brokerage and Import Company based in Utah. We market and sell fine wine and premium spirits in the US states of Utah, Idaho, and Montana. Our products are sold through a network of state controlled agencies and wine distributors, who have been meticulously selected as partners because they share Bottleneck’s vision of excellence in both sales and service. (via website)

Flora/Fauna Wines

Flora/Fauna Wines is a small, independently owned and operated wine brokerage located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Our goal is to introduce authentic, terroir-focused and natural wines made by artisanal producers rather than large, corporately owned wineries.  We prefer wines made with organic and sustainably farmed fruit using natural techniques without any commercial additives—yeast, powdered tannin, coloring agents, acid, enzymes, nutrients, etc.  Just like us, all of the wineries we represent are independently owned and operated.   (via website)

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