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Why work with us?

Support local

Many businesses sing the virtues of supporting local, we think this applies to the media too, a business like any other. By supporting a strong, local press, you’re helping to grow local business. We don’t write about chain restaurants, we actively write about independent restaurants first and foremost.

Traditional media is vanishing

One by one, print publications are falling by the wayside. Even in San Francisco, food criticism is floundering as media institutions can’t fund their legacy cost structures.

The same is happening here as well, just cast your eye across any mainstream print publication and look at the depth and quality of the information about the local food scene. Without a strong independent platform with engaged readers, no one will be telling the story of the food scene in Utah. This leaves fragmented and non local platforms such as Facebook and Yelp to tell your story.

Professional, respected journalism

We’ve been at this for more than a decade winning critical awards along the way. Search for us in Google News, you’ll find our stories right there alongside other respected publications. Search for other food blogs that don’t have our history and respect – do you see them in Google News?

Broad reach

Gastronomic Salt Lake City reaches Utahns across a diverse set of channels. Here on the website we serve up thousands of pages each and every week. Other publications might quote higher numbers, but do you know what their readers are actually looking for and reading on their site? We write about nothing but the food and beverage scene – every reader that hits our site is exceptionally targeted and after one thing: food info.

Social media

On social media we’re active on three major platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On each of those platforms we have a strong following with zero paid followers. Each and every one of our 15,000+ followers has opted to hear what we say.

You might find an Instagram user with more followers, but ask yourself, who are those followers? Are they local Utahns, are they real? Moreover, how engaged is that personality on other platforms? Will they be here in a years time, what about five?

Responsive and persistent

Using our social media channels and website we can help you tell a story in as timely a fashion as you want. Have something special going own right now? Print media has lead times that prevent them from supporting businesses in an ultra time specific fashion.

Moreover, our content is persistent on the web. A story we publish today might be ready 100s and 1000s of time over the coming months and years. That’s in stark contrast to radio, TV or print that’s a one time shot at a readers attention.

Technically adept

Gastronomic Salt Lake City is built on a technically solid foundation. We know what RSS and Google AMP mean, we understand and present news for the mobile web. SEO, CTR, . We’re not playing catchup, we’re usually at the forefront of technological adoption and change.

Work with us today

If you’re ready to start working with us, please contact or call on (801) 448 3343 – we’ll be in touch right away.

Our sponsors and this page

This page may contain information about one of our sponsors. We only work with the very best businesses in the state, and routinely turn down offers to work with businesses we don't enjoy. If we can't hand on heart recommend them - they can't be a sponsor.

At this time we have the following sponosrs: BTG, Caffe Molise, Carson Kitchen, Downtown Alliance, Feldman’s Deli, Felt Bar & Eatery, Flanker Kitchen + Sporting Club, Garage On Beck, Hearth And Hill, Hill’s Kitchen, Kin Sen Asian Noodle Bar, Kyoto, Log Haven, Oasis Cafe, SLC Eatery, Squatter’s Downtown Salt Lake City, Stoneground Italian Kitchen, Urban Hill, Wasatch Brew Pub Sugar House, Whiskey Street, White Horse.

I encourage you to Google any of our sponsors and see the stellar reviews on multiple sites that they enjoy. For a list of all our current and past relationships see our partnership history page.