MacCool’s restaurant review

A cold autumn evening and in need of a quick bite. We choose Maccools as the solution to our woes. See how this Irish themed restaurant stacks up in our latest review.

More mazza

Following my recent mazza review, the tribune has more on mazza today.

Yamasaki restaurant review

Four years in business, Yamasaki must be doing something right. We find out exactly what those things are on our recent visit. Check out the latest restaurant review.

Bambara restaurant review

Before I write about our dinner at Bambara, I should confess it is one of my personal favorite restaurants here in Salt Lake City. When it comes to Bambara, I often wax lyrical to family and friends, but will try to remain as unbiased as possible here.

Thai basil chicken recipe

One of my favourite dishes to cook at home is this spicy aromatic thai dish; I believe this is know as Pad Ga Prow traditionally. The recipe started life from …

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Recently I have been reading quite regularly. They have some really interesting recipe ideas. Definitely not run of the mill stuff requiring “1 can campbells condensed mushroom soup”

Mazza restaurant review

This weekend saw our fourth visit (in as many months I’d wager) to Mazza. Each visit has been to the newer 9th and 9th location. For as long as I can recall we have attempted to visit the original 15th and 15th Mazza location and failed. Reviews were consistently excellent and we love Middle-Eastern cuisine.

Lugano, Salt Lake City

I have tried as many places as possible from the chain food fare of Johnny Carino’s through to long established independant Rino’s right on to the trendy hipness of Michelangelo’s in Sugarhouse. So far none has come close to the epicurean heights of back home.

Will Lugano be my Italian goto place in SLC?

Perfect rosemary roasted potatoes

I’ve tasted spuds ranging from too hard, not crispy enough, too oily all the way through to totally flavourless. After a few years of hard work (and spending too much in restaurants), I think I have perfected the art of roasting spuds.

Ladies and gents, I give you perfect rosemary roasted potatoes!

Metropolitan, Salt Lake City

Evening restaurant review.

A couple of Saturdays ago I got my Christmast present from Wen – a trip to Metropolitan. Often lauded as one of SLC’s premier dining locations we have been meaning to go for quite some time.