If you’re reading this page, you probably reached out about working with us in some form or fashion. Hi there! First of all, lets see why you’ve decided to contact us…

1) I have a single piece of news I’d love to share with your readers. How do I go about that?

You can email Stuart and we might be able to include your news in our ongoing coverage of the Utah food and drink scene.  We typically have one or two stories per week on Gastronomic SLC.  

We don’t guarantee your news will go out. It depends on what you want to share, what we’re already writing about and how well the coffee is working on any particular day. If you want to guarantee your story goes out as part of news coverage, skip to section three.

2) Can I give you a free meal, coupon, discount, giveaway prize or other freebie for a guaranteed review, post or coverage?

No. No you can’t.  We choose who we work with very carefully. We’re the biggest and longest running online food magazine in Utah. Bar none.  Our readers trust us not to spam them, lead them astray or otherwise annoy them. Free meals don’t pay our bills either.  If you’re genuinely awesome, you might ask…

3) I want to develop an ongoing relationship with Gastronomic SLC and put our brand in front of your audience each and very month

You sound like a candidate for our Page Sponsor product, this costs $50 a month with a one year commitment.  We work with you on an ongoing basis  to drive awareness. This includes sponsorship of a relevant part of our website and guaranteed inclusion in our news output.  Read more on that here.