Please note our Connect program has now been replaced by the Local Partner scheme.

“I represent a number of top restaurants and I regularly rely on GastronomicSLC as a great media partner. They are a big asset in helping me get timely, pertinent information out to a focused, engaged audience of foodies that are actively seeking out information on dining in Salt Lake.” – Karen Boe, Boe Marketing

“ has a rare dedication to getting below the surface to help readers gain a deeper understanding of restaurants and artisan food in general” – Matt Caputo, Director of Marketing, Tony Caputo’s Market & Deli.

“The Gastronomic site is what grass roots-word of mouth advertising, and education is all about. It’s an opportunity for us to reach a very sophisticated and attuned clientele.” – Mark Robbins, Franchisee, Ruth’s Chris Steak House

“ offered a very useful and accessible platform for us to promote the Park City Food & Wine Classic. The website allowed us to reach some of Salt Lake’s most discerning diners, with the minimum of fuss” – Gail Wiltshire, Team Player Productions

Connect directly an engaged audience from just $75

Today’s online environment presents a rapidly moving target. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, the list goes on and on. Consumers are increasingly turning to online sources to educate, inform and share. Engagement across these social networks is essential, but can also be a laborious and challenging task. How do you make your message rise above the noise?

“How much time does the average user spend on social media per month”

With’s Connect program, we take care of the heavy lifting involved in reaching this savvy online audience. Your business is able to Connect directly with a highly engaged grass roots community. Our audience represents a who’s who in the SLC dining scene; from writers, bloggers and TV personalities through to hundreds and hundreds of hungry diners – in the final phase of deciding where to eat tonight or actively seeking out new information about the food and entertainment scene.

Our readers, followers and subscribers are completely opt-in, they turn to Gastronomic Salt Lake City to make informed purchasing decisions and routinely share our ‘expert’ guidance with friends, family and colleagues. is continually monitored and optimized for search engine results. The website ranks highly on page one for many essential keywords. Moreover, it is common for to rank higher than a particular restaurant’s own website for key restaurant specific terms.’s keyword presence is also generally higher than the incumbent print media for most key terms.

Social Media FAQ

Why should I care about social media
Social media offers a smart business a means to reach huge audiences at unprecedented speeds – with virtually zero expense or risk. Information spreads across social networks differently from traditional advertising, which relies predominantly on physical print circulation numbers. Social media users share posts, tweets and pages, creating a viral effect.

For example Gastronomic SLC reaches over 2,150 direct end users with each and every tweet. If each of those end users decided to ‘retweet’ the message, the combined second tier recipients of those users would run into the millions. (You can analyze our followers here).

Persistence and reputation
Traditional print media offers an expensive one time opportunity to reach consumers. Once your ad is in print, there exists a finite window for it to be read before the recycle can looms. For effective marketing utilizing traditional media, the process needs to be repeated over and over at great expense to build brand recognition.

Social media is persistent. Blogs, tweets and posts are indexed by search engines like Google and remain ever present; always searchable and discoverable by your potential future customers. Moreover, a user that shares your message across social media automatically assigns credibility and trust to your message the moment they decide to share with friends and colleagues.

Ok, sounds easy, I can do this myself right
Building relationships on social media is much like real life. It takes time, effort and energy to build a relationship of trust and respect.

Moreover, many social media experts advocates espouse the 15:1 or 20:1 rule. Simply put, out of every 20 posts onto social media you make, only one of those should be about yourself. Simply signing up to social media and endlessly writing about your own business is no different that the person at the party, who wants to talk endlessly about themselves all night. Listeners quickly tune out the noise.

By using Connect, your business messages are folded into our larger mix of local news, info, commentary and discussion. Your business message is communicated subtly and stands a larger chance of engagement with our connected audience.

This is a passing fad, it’s not here to stay
A certain Kodak cameras once had the same thoughts regarding digital photography. On January 19th 2012 the 140 year old household name filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. No company big or small can afford to ignore a changing marketplace.

Today, one only has to look at the recent meteoric success of Apple, fueled in large part to the success story of the wildly popular iPhone. Each iPhone now comes with twitter and facebook deeply integrated into each and every handset sold. If a company like Apple is banking its future on this new communications channel, its time to take notice.

One last reason…
If you aren’t taking advantage of social media you can bet your most successful competitors are. They are engaging your customers right now, directly, regularly and building their brand in ways your customers prefer.

Connecting with our readers

Connect Monthly offers a broad, persistent connection with our readers. We become a brand evangelist for you, continually working to fold your message into our overall site output and social networks. We work with you on a unique basis to better understand your business, creating novel approaches to reach our engaged community including, but not limited to:

* Guaranteed, priority release of your PR articles through our website. Guaranteed release of these articles through relevant social networks and control over specific article release date.

* Release of your article as a single, directly linkable website item. Not amalgamated into any larger post, with other businesses.

* Guaranteed, priority access to our events calendar for your businesses events, classes and meals. Guaranteed release to all of our relevant social networks.

* One competition/promotion per month. Let us promote your brand, product or business with a specially constructed promotional activity.

* In review access. If has covered your business, we guarantee you free advertisement space within those page for the life of your Connect subscription. Advertisements, coupons and promotions can all be directly integrated within the page/s. If you don’t already have a page, we can conduct an anonymous one-time review, billable to your account.

* Options to utilize some of the more unique social networking channels for guerrilla approaches. E.g. do you have some great snaps of dishes or events, let us share those with our instagram users. Have an engaging member of staff, let’s interview them and share their thoughts on your food via YouTube.

Unlike other advertising options, we don’t just take your money, put your ad out and wave goodbye, we work with you through an ongoing process to increase your brand exposure and engagement in the local dining community.

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Please note that re-tweets, re-shares and re-posts are never guaranteed and outside our control. While our social networks have extensive reach – the spread of information is dependent on many factors out of our control. We guarantee delivery of your message to our direct audience and no further.

Represented analytic data is only intended to give an example of site and social network usage at any given snap shot in time. These figures change from week to week. Please feel free to ask for any additional metric or specific time period.

Pricing and contact details

Connect Monthly is charged at $75 per month per business represented. There is no minimum contract period. Connect Monthly runs indefinitely until terminated by either party with 30 days written notice.

Payment is accepted via check or bank transfer. A 10% discount is applicable to yearly payments. Agency discounts may apply for multiple businesses billable under one account. Please note we also offer sponsorship opportunities too.