Best Food In Salt Lake City

Copper Kitchen - Copper Burger
Copper Kitchen – Copper Burger

Best burgers in SLC

In the mood for a delicious burger? You’re in luck, you’ll find burger joints all over the Wasatch Front. Everything from cheap and cheerful burgers you can buy with a handful of coins through to gourmet creations – some even with foie gras . Check the link above for our guide to the best burgers in Salt Lake City. If you’re looking fro more info, check out our sister site SLC Menu for a more complete list of burger menus in SLC.

naked fish japanese bistro uni nigiri on sushi bar counter
Naked Fish Japanese Bsitro: Uni nigiri on sushi bar counter

Best sushi in Salt Lake City

I know what you’re thinking, sushi in a land locked state, are you mad? Far from it, in fact, the sushi in Salt Lake City might surprise you. No we don;’t have a secret ocean here you’re unaware of. The prosaic reason is the FDA mandates all sushi grade fish be frozen first anyway. With SLC’s international airport, and many high end resorts and restaurants – there’s a constant flow of quality seafood into the state. Some even comes from the famed Japanese fish market in Tsukiji. Check the link above for more details on our pick of the best. Also see our sister site SLC Menu to locate sushi near your location right now.

Avenues Proper - hanger steak (Avenues Proper)
Avenues Proper – hanger steak from regular menu (Avenues Proper)

Best steak in Salt Lake City

It probably comes as no surprise to hear that out here on the Western side of the country – meat is a BIG deal. As you’d expect, we have plenty of steakhouses to satiate your cravings. In downtown SLC you’ll find several ritzier options, while out in the suburbs you’ll find more affordable options. Check the our best steaks page above for more information.