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Elizabeth’s Bakery Lives!

Anglophiles be sad no longer! Elizabeth’s Bakery and Tea Shop is set to re-open this Saturday (May 22nd). New owners have taken over the reigns of this unique SLC eatery, which closed back in March amid much disappointment. Despite the changes in ownership, the team in the kitchen remains the same, ensuring plenty more delicious sausage rolls, pasties and cakes (See our own review from 2008 here).

Elizabeth’s Bakery and Tea Shop
575 South 700 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84102
(801) 433-1170‎

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2 thoughts on “Elizabeth’s Bakery Lives!”

  1. A little more information, from an email I received today:

    My name is Ronni and together with my fiance Mike we are the new owners of Elizabeth’s English Bakery and Tea Shop ! We are so excited because as previous regular customers we were heartbroken to learn of its closing. Our hearts and our thanks go out to Robin and Elizabeth Grey for allowing us to continue in their footsteps. We intend to make them proud. Now a little bit about ourselves I was born in England and when I was 6 or so my parents immigrated to the States for a better life and more opportunities for us as a family. Our English heritage was deeply rooted and we enjoyed all of the English specialities…some treats and some not so much ( ie black pudding ) and an occasional care package from English relatives with my favourites…Smarties…no! they are not just like M&M’s 🙂 …and I made and poured tea (in a teapot with a cozy) from the time I was 7… so I’m very versed in it ! One rather unusual thing is that I don’t have an accent anymore but trust me you don’t have to have an accent to make the best sausage rolls or mince pies in the world! So Mike my dearest friend and fiance has an English accent because when he was about 6 his mother moved back to England to raise him there…and he was an American citizen. So that’s the odd coincidence, why I’m English and he has the accent. Enough about us now down to the bakery.. we are so blessed to be able to keep Tara, Elizabeth’s own baker from the very beginning! You know what that means …yes! all of our delicious pastries both savoury and sweet will still be there exactly as you remembered and we are adding a few of my favourites and quite frankly I think we should have hot cross buns weekly…not just at Easter ! Everyone in favor say ” I ” if you haven’t tasted them yet then I know why you didn’t say ” I ” 🙂 We have changed the inside up a bit and we are experimenting with the most efficient way to serve you…our guests…we will ask for feedback and patience as we try a couple of things. The most important thing for us is that you feel at home and when you leave you feel a little bit happier than when you came in. I will be there almost all of the time and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you…our loyal customers and our newbies on the block ! I am so excited for this new opportunity and all that it will bring to my life…new friends…I can never have enough. Well that is enough for now, this is supposed to be a news letter …not a newspaper 🙂 I can’t wait to meet you ! We are planning on opening Saturday May 22 from 10 am til 6 pm …see you there ! Oh one more important note…you will know when we are open from the road because if the Union Jack is flying…we are OPEN !
    Our regular hours will be 9 am til 6 :30 pm Monday thru Saturday. We are also available for private parties after hours .

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